Employment services

Employment services

Businesses need skilled, committed employees.
People with skills and commitment need employment.
We work both sides of the hiring market to connect the two.

We start at the beginning

We work with prospective employers to assess their needs. And we match trainees’strengths to actual job requirements, to be sure those needs will be met.

We follow through right to the end

We don’t just place workers—we follow up and track their progress on the job.We ask employers for feedback on every new hire, and we act on that feedback.

We meet specialized needs

From the 1,000 Jobs Campaign to South Chicago Manufacturing Sector Workforce Coalition, we keep local businesses—and local economies—growing.

If you’re looking for employees who are ready and willing to get to work, call Kreshina Ingram at (708) 283-5020 in suburban Chicago and Paula Grady at (312)528-3500 in the City of Chicago. We can help you get the job done.

Southland Jobs Collaborative

OAI is one of five organizations in metropolitan Chicago that are working collaboratively to identify employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector and match qualified candidates to those openings. We refer workers to hundreds of jobs throughout the region and provide job placement assistance to job seekers in Chicago and Chicago Southland.

All Southland Jobs Collaborative openings are in manufacturing; all are full-time, permanent positions offering health benefits and meeting the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) wage requirements.

Who participates
Unemployed or underemployed individuals interested in manufacturing careers. Employers looking to hire skilled manufacturing workers.

Metropolitan Chicago and Chicago Southland

How to attend
To learn more about upcoming hiring events, contact our Southland Office at (708) 283-5020 and follow us on Facebook:
Downtown Chicago https://www.facebook.com/oaiinc/
Chicago Southland  https://www.facebook.com/oaisouthland/

Funding partners
Polk Bros. Foundation
Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council