High Bridge

How do you keep millions of gallons of fresh, clean water from
turning into sewage that you have to spend money to treat?

How do you protect homes and businesses from losing millions
of dollars each year in property damage from flooding?

How do you take the pressure off the region’s aging sewer and water filtration
systems, saving hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in the process?

And how do you do all that while creating jobs in
communities that badly need them?

We can help with that. We are High Bridge.

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In significant rain events water flows off of hardscape features such as rooftops and roadways and flows into sewers. In many cases the capacity of the sewers can be overwhelmed. Combinations of rainwater and sewage can be released to local waterways. And sewers can back
up into the basements of homes and businesses.

Green infrastructure features can be implemented in communities to help reduce flooding and protect water quality. Practices such as rain gardens and bioswales soak in rain water and reduce the amount of water flowing into sewers. This in turn helps reduce overflows and basement back-ups. Green infrastructure can also be an amenity for communities, for example when vacant properties or street right-of-ways are converted to aesthetically attractive green landscape features.

Communities, churches, schools, and other land owners are increasingly recognizing the benefits of green infrastructure, and new features are being installed all the time. And all these features need to be maintained, to sustain their environmental and community benefits. What this means is there is demand for trained green infrastructure workers. That’s where OAI High Bridge comes in. We help:

  • Recruit job candidates
  • Organize and facilitate training
  • Connect green infrastructure businesses and trained workers

Beautiful, restorative landscapes that pay for themselves. Local jobs where they’re needed. And a natural environment that works the way it’s supposed to. We can help with that. We’re High Bridge.

To learn more, contact Amanda Allen at (312) 528-3512 or send an email to aallen@oaiinc.org   .