High Bridge, L3C

High Bridge, L3C

How do you keep billions of gallons of fresh, clean water from
turning into sewage that you have to spend money to treat?

How do you protect homes and business from losing as much
as $2 billion a year in property damage from flooding?

How do you take the pressure off the region’s aging sewer and water filtration
systems, saving hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in the process?

And how do you do all that while creating jobs in
communities that badly need them?

High Bridge, L3C.

To learn more, contact , Mollie Dowling, at mdowling@oaiinc.org or (219) 448-0148.

High Bridge is OAI’s first social enterprise company. It’s also Chicago Southland’s premier landscape design, installation, and maintenance firm.

We specialize in low-cost, high-performance green infrastructure—landscapes that allow homes, businesses, and communities to capture rainfall and store it on site, reducing flooding in streets and basements and preventing polluted runoff from entering local waterways.

We’re creating new jobs in a new sector, one that is drawing both public and private investment. And we take the profits from our projects—rain gardens, roadside bioswales, native plantings in parks or industrial sites—and turn them into more new jobs and more green infrastructure.

Beautiful, restorative landscapes that pay for themselves. Local jobs
where they’re needed. And a natural environment that works the way
it’s supposed to.

That’s High Bridge.

During the 2016 season, High Bridge installed green infrastructure projects throughout the Millennium Reserve/Calumet River corridor communities of Robbins, Calumet Park, Blue Island, and far-south Park Forest, along with high-profile sites in flood-prone Midlothian and a community-coordinated project on the campus of South Suburban College.