Our Work

Our approach

We collaborate with those on the
frontlines—local organizations and
employers—to identify issues, needs,
trainee candidates, and potential

We analyze the market. We put together experienced teams and build effective coalitions. We manage carefully and demand accountability of ourselves, our partners, and our trainees.

We engage adult learners with interactive, hands-on, and e-learning techniques based on industry best practices. We track our progress and incorporate feedback at every stage for every project, program, and course.

When we succeed, we give credit where credit is due. When we don’t we work harder. It’s an approach that consistently produces results for everyone:
trainees, partners, employers, funders, and the communities they serve.

Training and education

Whether the goal is a first job, a fresh start, a better job, or the specialized knowledge to do a job safely, OAI’s education and training programs are designed to meet real-world needs.

Employment services

Businesses need skilled, committed employees. People with skills and commitment need employment. We work both sides of the hiring market to connect the two.

Community development

What does it take to breathe new life into once vibrant communities? A skilled workforce, yes, but also big-picture thinking, new partnerships, and new ideas. We’re developing all three.

High Bridge

How do you keep billions of gallons of fresh, clean water from turning into sewage that you have to spend money to treat?