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High Bridge, L3C is the Chicago Southland’s premier landscape design,installation and maintenance firm. Our unique mission focuses on natural restoration and green infrastructure projects while improving residents’ lives and the environment. We accomplish this by providing jobs for residents in economically-depressed communities where our landscape treatments help lessen the effects of frequent flooding and intense rainfall by planting rain gardens.

Our company, founded by OAI, Inc., helps communities, homeowners and businesses capture rainfall, store it on site, and reduce flooding of streets, basements and polluted overflow that spills into local waterways.

High Bridge’s landscape installation and maintenance is unlike any other in the region. We work to create new jobs for residents where many public and private environmental investments occur. With our mission-driven focus on healthy and restorative landscapes – combined with our commitment to hiring local individuals to drive our work – High Bridge is a company committed to people, the planet and to profits. These profits are then reinvested to employ more people to do more work.

During the 2015 season, High Bridge installed approximately half-a-dozen pilot green infrastructure projects throughout the Millennium Reserve/ Calumet River corridor communities of Robbins, Calumet Park, Blue Island and far-south Park Forest, along with high-profile sites in flood-prone Midlothian and a community-coordinated project on the campus of South Suburban College. The projects range in size and scope from rain gardens along parkways in residential settings to multi-acre wetland and riparian plantings on large campus settings.

“I gained a lot working with High Bridge this summer, learning about new plants and how they help to stop some of the flooding in our neighborhoods. And, this job helped my bank account, and that’s always a bonus.”

Tonarreo King
Graduate of OAI Workforce-Training program;
High Bridge employee; Harvey, Il. resident


We seek to raise $100,000 to support the acquisition of start-up equipment, design tools, and the development of a comprehensive marketing campaign. This seed fund will allow High Bridge to more than double its capacity in 2016 to reach more Southland Communities and serve more property-owners through beautiful, affordable, and high-functioning landscape services.

Your investment is tax-deductible and will assist in High Bridge’s successful second season and allow us to create new jobs that improve the environment and the quality of life in the Chicago Southland.

to our 2016 High Bridge Campaign

Public and private agencies collaborating with High Bridge on green infrastructure treatments across the Chicago region include:

high bridge brochure

high bridge brochure

For more information, contact Julia Plumb, Program Manager, High Bridge L3C, at jplumb@oaiinc.org or 219.448.0148